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Frequently Asked Questions

Please download our information sheet. In addition, here is a list of things we are frequently asked. If you can't find the answer you need here please send an email to webmaster@wedmorehall.org.uk

  • Q What is the best way to contact the Hall management committee ?
  • A Please use the general enquiry form on the home page of the web site.
  • Q Do you have crockery & cutlery ?
  • A As a service to our hall users we try to ensure 60 place settings are available in the kitchen - there may be more, but no promises. If you need more than this, or want fully matching place settings for a dinner, you can hire our brand new white tableware (up to 150 place settings) for 7.50 per day for 30 place settings. In addition cups and saucers are available at 3.00 per day for 30 place settings. Breakages are charged at 2.50 per item.
  • Q What about glasses ?
  • A No, you will have to hire these yourself. You might like to try the Tesco free loan service.
  • Q I would like to have a bar for my function.
  • A We have a Premises Licence that will allow you to sell alcohol at your event, subject to normal licensing regulations. It is essential to discuss your requirements with our Designated Premises Supervisor at the time of booking and complete the application form.
  • Q Do you have a specific area for bar facilities?
  • A Yes, the Snug (adjoining the kitchen) is designed to be used as a bar. The Small Hall also has a small bar area. The extent of the Premises Licence can be clearly seen on the Hall Plan and alcohol must not be sold outside that area.
  • Q What are the components of your PA system?
  • A We have a Mackie 1402-VLZ Pro 16-channel mixing desk driving two Mackie powered speakers, and providing a feed to the Hearing Loop system. We can provide microphones and stand. Contact Mike Rippon for further details. It is subject to an additional hire charge.
  • Q Do you have stage lighting?
  • A Yes, there is comprehensive stage lighting and a Zero 88 control desk, but it is vital that you discuss your requirements with Mike Rippon at the time of booking if you want to make use of it. It is subject to an additional hire charge.
  • Q We would like more subdued lighting for our event, is this possible?
  • A The uplighters on the sides of the hall produce a more 'cosy' effect. Each of them can be individually dimmed to create the effect you require.
  • Q We would like to use the stage for seating, how can we make it safe?
  • A There are safety rails that can be fitted to the front of the stage.
  • Q Do you have an Access Statement?
  • A Yes, it can be viewed here.
  • Q Where can I find your Health and Safety Policy?
  • A It is available for viewing here.
  • Q Where can I find your Fire Risk Assessment?
  • A It is available for viewing here.
  • Q What steps do you take to keep the Hall free of pests?
  • A Environmental Services Ltd. in Biddisham provide a routine inspection and control regime.
  • Q What parking is available?
  • A The adjoining hall car park can accommodate 12 cars. It includes a space reserved for disabled drivers. Overflow parking is available in the Wedmore free car park which is clearly signposted from Cheddar Road.
  • Q What is the latest time we can leave the hall?
  • A On Fridays and Saturdays all music must be finished by 23:30 & the hall vacated by midnight. The times are different on other days.
  • Q What improvements have you made to the hall?
  • A Over the past 4 years we have spent over 40,000 on major improvements and repairs This is in addition to our regular running costs. A list of expenditure on these works is available for viewing here.
  • Q What is the Hall Committee doing about recycling waste?
  • A The committee encourages hall users to separate their waste and dispose of at the recycling bank at the Recreation Ground on Blackford Road
  • Q I wear a hearing aid, do you have a loop system?
  • A Yes, the hall has an Induction Hearing Loop system which is fed from the public address system - stage microphones are installed but we recommend that Hall users discuss with us their exact requirements. We will do our best to help.